Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

Ingraining confidence & competitiveness

Sree Rama Engineering Colleges were started in 2008 by the Sree Rama Educational Group with the aim to impart value-based quality education to all. Education is a very important contributing element to both social mobility and economic development... our mission is to encourage students "to develop confidence, self-motivation, research and problem solving skill sets and importantly to think independently. Furthermore, we aim to provide an academically exhilarating environment allowing our students to enjoy a first class education and social experience. We give top priority to discipline and knowledge

I warmly welcome the young aspiring students to be a part of us while learning, and pass out successfully as valuable citizens. I strongly believe that students from Sree Rama Engineering Colleges will be well-equipped to meet the challenges of the global market place and command an exceptionally high reputation among the employees. I assure that your study here will be a pleasant experience, to be enjoyed and cherished forever.

Sri Mannem Rami Reddy
M.A., H.D.C(Ex-E.C. Member, S.V. University, Tirupati)