Civil Engineering

Civil engineer plays a very important role in the infrastructural development of the country. As India is developing at a rapid rate, its infrastructure needs are also increasing. To satisfy its need, large numbers of civil engineers are required. In this current stage of economic revolution, the scope of civil engineering is increasing by leaps and bound. We are lending our helping hand for India's development by trying to produce some good quality of civil engineers.In this institute the Civil Engineering branch has been started in the year 2009.

The first batch has reached the fifth semester. The department is in developing stage with some fully developed labs while other labs are under development. The department has a fully developed mechanics of solids lab having major equipments like Izod impact and Charpy testing machine, Brinell hardness testing machines and all the equipments related to the practical of Engineering Mechanics. Survey lab is also equipped with all the major equipments like theodolite, plane table, levels, chains, staff etc.

Department is also using the well developed fluid mechanics lab on sharing basis with mechanical department.The department has also its own computer centre equipped with latest computers and connected to LAN. Students can have access to the internet from all the computers. As the faculty members have their specialization in different areas of civil engineering, the students can get through knowledge of all the areas/fields of civil engineering.