M.Tech CSE

The present decade is witnessing an upsurge of demand for technical trained human resource. Information technology is expanding at a very fast rate. The range of tasks that can be handled most economically by computer operations is likely to grow rapidly. In addition to the hardware, field of soft computing, Mobile and Wireless Computing, High Speed Networking is also poised for very rapid growth. There is a large demand for hardware and software professionals in our country and abroad. A vast potential for further development and research exists in this area.

To strengthen the expertise and capability available in this field, the M.Tech. Course was started. Duration of the course is 24 months. The Post-graduates of this course would be useful not only for Indian industries and research organizations but also for the international market. It has been projected that Indian industry is set for very rapid growth in this area and trained persons with sophisticated skills will be needed in large numbers to meet the increasing international level of competition.

The department is having a networking of about 400 Pentium machines with internet facility, in addition to specialized labs.